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Investment and real estate development expertise combined

We combine investment professionals with proven expertise in the investment management and the real estate development experts in order to maximize the benefits of using best practices from both worlds.


XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD. is consistently prospecting for a new projects across Europe with a focus on four major types of the real estate developments. The fund is working with a several proven and well tested local developers to locate and analyse off-the-market top projects.


The information about current project portfolio is available to XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD. investors or prospective investors and information and photos below are solely for information and illustrative purposes.



Create the world

There is a real estate and the PRIME REAL ESTATE. Projects which shape cities and create their new future bringing convenience, efficiency and recognition.


That’s what  XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD is here for.

Our business philosophy 

Global approach with local implementation

Real estate as everyone knows is about Location, location, location. We take this one step further by combining our international investment team with local real estate developers with knowledge and ability to execute according to local environment and circumstances.

AIF Regulated Fund 
Investment protection

XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD is authorised by CySEC to operate as an Alternative Investment Fund addressed to a limited number of persons (AIFLNP) under the AIF Law 124(I)/2018. License Number: LPAIF107/2014

XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD invests into real estate projects in the EU. 


Resort Development 

The major cities across Europe are providing excellent opportunities to bring new life to its underdeveloped quarters through reinvigoration of the existing real estate.



The major cities across Europe are providing excellent opportunities to bring new life to its underdeveloped quarters through reinvigoration of the existing real estate.


Marquee project

There are real estate projects which defines the look and feel of its surroundings for next generations and offers the same time superb value generation.

Hotel Development 

There is continous demand for modern and functional hotel facilities in major European cities which allow through careful selection of the right locations and projects to achieve high yields.



Investment Committee

Real estate investment decisions are being governed by XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD Committee, which is independent from any other stakeholders.  

No operational exposure

XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD invests into the real estate development projects in cooperation with local developers, who are responsible for the actual development.


The fund is regulated according to EU legislation and its activities are supervised by respective Securities and Exchange Commission.

Risk Management

XEG PRIME REAL ESTATE AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD has appointed independent risk manager to control exposure of the fund and protect investors interests.




Highly experienced expert in corporate finance and related fields including management accounting, tax planning in international environment with a proven track of record. He is an active member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers in Czech Republic. Mr. Vyskocil is, through most of his professional career, acting as an advisor and later as a member of top management in the ATERRA Advisory Group where he is dealing with wide variety of business cases across several industries, covering the above-mentioned areas of expertise ranging from corporate finance planning, controlling, management reporting and accounting, tax reviews and planning etc.

Fund Manager



Real Estate Expert


On qualifying as a Chartered Architect, he managed various residential and commercial developments in London and across the UK. Since 2006, Mr. Pachomiou established an Architectural practice in a partnership, providing a rare combination of strategic architectural, building and management services. Mr. Pachomiou is a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Architect Member of the Architects Registration Board United Kingdom (ARB), Architect Member of Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), Civil Engineer Member of Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK).

Mr. Tzamalis is a fellow certified public accountant with twenty years’ experience. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of D.J.C. Group Limited Accountants, Consultants, Registered Auditors, and Tax Experts. The Group is active for more than 10 years with more than 800 international clients to whom it provides consulting, tax planning, internal audit, assurance and other services.

Prior to that, Mr. Tzamalis was acting, for more than 9 years, as Financial Controller of a Public Limited Company in the reinsurance market (Alliance International Reinsurance Company Ltd) with international exposure, and Executive Member of an Investment Committee handling a portfolio more than US$ 75 million. 



Controling & Compliance



Fund Operation Manager 


Petr has 15+ years experience in strategic management and leadership when he worked across number of industries as an executive or advisor to companies across number of industry segments including Enterprise Software, Digital media, Payments Solutions, Consumer Electronics a as well as Consumer Electronics including companies like SAP, SAS Institute or IBM. He currently runs boutique international strategic consultancy Stransky Consulting with its main office in London, UK.



Strategic Advisor 


After several years of banking practise, as a broker of Raiffeisenbank and later of Ceska Sporitelna, has been fully engaged in corporate finance consultancy since 2010. He focuses on acquisitions and company restructuring, also advises on the emerging start-up. He also deals with advice on obtaining grants for innovative projects from the EU Structural Funds, or national programs


Company reg. number: HE 379121

Licence Number: LPAIF107/2014

Vasili Michailidi, 21

3026, Limassol, Cyprus

Tel :  +357 25 508526
Fax:  +357 25 508527

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